Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fall Creek Falls

Today we spent the afternoon hiking and reading by the waterfall. It
was beautiful!

Flame, Thisl, Json concert plus others

Last night we went to an awesome concert with Flame, Thisl and Json
and Lecrae and Tedashii showed up too. The crowd was so diverse and
really listened to everything.

I love this picture because it shows the powerful influence these
guy's have on the youth. The kids in this photo watched this intintly
for 3 hrs as the guy's shared the gospel through words and music!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Coffee Stop!

At the Market on the Pier

From fresh fish to hommade honey, purses, jewelry... Its all here!
Love it!!

Check out the place were staying at!!

The family that is hosting us is awesome!!!

Sleepless in Seattle

Chalise and I got into Seattle about 3am our time. Of course when we
pulled up to the house were staying an hour from the car rentalll
place, I didn't c my luggage in the car!!!! Talk about freaking out!
Luckily it was safely sitting where I left it in the parking lot of
the car rental place. =)

This is a pic of me and chalise in the amazing city of Seattle!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dana's Big Day

Today was Dana's big day to drop off a special package she put
together for a potential employer. So of course we we had to go to
breakfast to celebrate! =)

I promise we arnt always eating

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Its a love hate relationship

I have polar opposite feelings about school. I never had any huge
ambitions to earn a graduate degree, but i started my MBA because of
the grant I had from Americorp. I took a few semesters off when
everything got bussier with my job.. But now seemed a good time to try
to finish it up. So I transferrd over to university of Memphis this
semester and this is where I'm at....
- I get so excited when I think about the subjects I'm learning like
Organizational Behavior, Critical Thinking, and Operations Management.
When the semester starts and I flip through the textbook, I actually
get excited to spend time reading through it. But then...
- I get stuck on some irrelevant detail like "decision Avoidance
Theories" which goes on for 30 pages (seriously!).. And my brain can
focus to save my life. I actually tried timing myself while reading
each page, making each page a race, therefore forcing myself to focus!
- someone invites me to the movies, dinner, flea market, u name it..
It all seems like too much fun to pass up

- the next thing I know.. The weekends over, I'm unprepareed, and
frustersted that I'm not getting to

Friday, February 8, 2008

Fundraising for Africa

Well every month or so I do a Saturday morning breakfast where I
invite everyone I know to hang out, have coffee, and some bfast
casserolle. Well my friend Rachelle is trying to raise money for her
mission trip to Africa next month.. So we thought it would be a good
idea to do a breakfast and collect donations. Then I decided to sale
all that Mary Kay I have been holding on to forever and split the
money with her. While we were at it we just decided to go ahead and
pull out everything that I dont need anymore... And have a regular old
garage sale.. Except its in my incredibly small apartment. Tomorrow is
going to be nuts with all these people here eating and shopping. Too
bad my looser neighbor wouldn't let us use his apt too (way to go
Joe.. Hope we dont find away to break in)!

I'll be sure to post some pics tomorrow!

Setting up

My apartment looks ridiculous setting up for breakfast tomorrow. My
neghbor Becky came over to help set up, and ended up going home with a
handful of stuff!

Rachelle making fun of the ghetto garage sale

Friday lunch

Dana, our graphic designer, and I are chillin at my favorite dinner:
Arcade(! If u come visit.. I'll take you here!

Its gunna be a good day, I can tell.. And not just cause my bosses are
out of town =)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

This is my friend chalise...

She stole my camera for a few days and I ended up with a ton of weird
pictures of her at work. I edited out the crazy ones... And saved this
one of her gettin on her J.O.B at Ugly Mug coffee... Best coffee
ever. Check em out at And if u call to order
some coffee (which I re ommend the Elvis line) u can talk to Chalise
personally cause she takes the orders =).

This is Joe... He works with me

Yep... Its Hillary clintons office!

Thanks Toya for hookin me up with the private tour!

Freezing in NYC

We took a trip to Dc, Philly, and New York to meet up with some
different friends of the ministry, plus Trip had a concert in DC. It
was a really fun, fast trip.. And my first time to DC. I even got a
private tour of Hillary Clinton's office!!