Friday, March 28, 2008

Woah Trips Hair!!

He made me take off the pic... but just think "WOAH"

My Birthday

What an Incredible Day!!! I am way too blessed. Hope u don't mind the
bragging and a play by play (Lara style =)
Here's the run down:

March 28th (I turn 28.. My golden bday!)

Midnight-3am- mechelle and I had ran into eachother at the new coffee
shop and ended up hanging out till 3 in the morning! It was so much
fun that she decided to crash on my couch!

3-7am -slept. Bad dream... But quickly got over it with the first call
of the day..

7am- my favorite nephew calls to wake me up, tell me happy birthday
and that he loves me! Sooooo cute! Started my day so great! Tried to
sleep a little more, then..

8am- my neighbors Joseph and Jessica cooked me breakfast! It was so
great, and I loved starting the day with them. We should do it more
often guys.

9am- hung out next door with Ashley while I folded laundry. It was a
nice morning

10am headed to the gym.. Ready to start a relaxing day... Got a text
from Ben to come to the office for some goodies.

10:45 stopped by the office and got WAY spoiled with shopping gift
card, starbucks card... And an appointment in 30 minutes for a deep
tissue massage! No Way! Yes Way! I work with the coolest guys ever!

11:15 got to the massage place.... Massage Envy..UNBELIEVABLE!

12:30 Darragh and Lara picked me up to meet the girls for lunch at
Arcade! My Favorite place! Got bombarded with gifts and cards again..
( the prettiest was Love's homemade card.. Chalise's dog card might
have been a close second.. Maybe not) Rachelle: your RIDICULOUSE! How
did u prepare for my birthday when your all the way saving children in
Africa! I would have let it slide this time =)

2:30pm headed to visit Lindsay at the hospital as she was waiting to
have surgery on an infenction in her lung. I am so glad I got to spend
some time with her.. I've missed ya Lindsay!

3:40 headed home to chill and pack for my trip to North Carolina. I
had fresh flowers on my door step from my sweet neighbors (should have
taken a picture for you). Catherine, ashly, becky, and Kristen are the

4:45 Ron came by to overload me with gifts again ( I know, I am way
too spoiled). He got me a bunch if my favorite things including a gift
card to the movies (yeaaa) and a nice new Kenneth Cole watch so I
will stop wearing my old running one so much =).. And a Really cute
new purse that I can't wait to start sporting!

6pm- BJ and Lecrae came to get me to head to the airport. Lecrae,
trip, tedashii, and Sho are all performing at a theme park in
Charlotte! My friend Adrianne is meeting me there and were gonna play
all day tomorrow!

7:15 here I am sitting on the plane.. Bragging way too much about what
a great day I had!!

Thank You everyone for all the calls, cards, emails, and gifts! I feel
so loved! Wish I had taken more pictures.. But this is all I got of me
and Love at Arcade! Don't you just love Love =)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Friday, March 7, 2008

Snow Day!!

Chilling at the Crib

This is my neighbors Walter and Tiera.. Their out of school early for
the snow day. So they joined my for catching up on season 7 of Gilmore
Girls!! YES!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Book recomendation

The title sounds weighty and honestly, like a lot of work.. But it is
probably the most simple and elegantly written book I have ever
read... And has really impacted me in just the last 4 days when I
started it!! You can probably order it online I think.