Thursday, July 31, 2008

Short and Sweet... but very heavy

This hit me with a reality check of how much further I should be going in my pursuit of God. Such simple points... but so deep in reality. So I thought I would share... this is from:

In the lengthy time that Dr. J. I. Packer afforded me to speak with him while we were recently together in Orlando, I asked him which theological issues he would commend young Christian leaders to study in order to be prepared for the next fifty years. His list was quite insightful:

1. Regeneration — He said that the doctrine of regeneration has not been fully appreciated by many who do not understand that to be born again with a new heart and new nature means that we have at our deepest level a new identity and new passionate desires for God’s Word and ways. He commended to all young Christian leaders a thorough study on the doctrine of regeneration.

2. God-Centered Theology — He said that theology today is rife with man-centered thinking so that the glory of God in all things is not the essence of what is taught to be faithfully Christian. The result, he explained, is that even Christians often live their lives for the supreme purpose of their perceived happiness, feelings, and satisfaction. Yet, biblical Christianity differs from the other religions of the world in that the desires and purposes of God override ours; we are not the number one priority, but rather God is.

3. Godliness Begins at Home — This point was both surprising and refreshing. I was expecting only weighty and complicated theological admonition from such a theological giant. However, his wise counsel on this point is well needed. Packer said that most Christians do not take seriously the biblical teaching that true Christian living begins first at home with one’s spouse, children, and grandchildren. Therefore, he implored young Christian leaders to begin their quest for maturity and holiness at home in relationship with their family.

4. Trinity — Packer stated that the fullness of the doctrine of the Trinity is not completely appreciated as it should be. The result, he said, is that some Christians have only a deep understanding of Jesus or the Holy Spirit so that they are guilty of what he called “Jesus-olatry” or “Holy Spirit-olatry” rather than a full love and worshipful appreciation of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Here's the Deal....

Ok I know i NEVER write on my blog. But I enjoy reading everyone else's so much that I thought it might be fun to just reflect and write about it on my blog. Except I don't have a ton to reflect on... except for the fact that RACHELLE is leaving!

So the title of this post is in honor of my good friend Rachelle! Let's talk about her for a minute..

Rachelle is leaving Memphis for good this weekend, and this is a very sad thing! You see Rachelle was the VERY FIRST person I met in Memphis, that day Ben was showing me the office and when we got in the elevator Rachelle stuck her hand in the door to make sure that she got my phone number before I headed out for a conference in Philly. It was a good thing she "extended a hand" cause as soon as I got to Philly, i found out the people I had planned to stay with had put me in an abandoned bar in the middle of the hood (which is an entirely different story itself)... but Rachelle INSISTED (and if you know Rachelle... you know what I mean).. she INSISTED I stay with her and Cam in the cushy hotel downtown! So that began our friendship. The rest of the conference she introduced me to the few people she knew (few being understatement... probably if you are someone I have met in Memphis, it was through Rachelle introducing us). Everyone I met seemed to be Rachelle's most dear and precious friend (I am still trying to figure out how Rachelle makes every single person such a huge priority in her life)...

So over the past 2 years of living in Memphis... Rachelle has provided me a home in her apartment, provided wisdom and counsel when I ask, and and firm direction when I don't =), she's opened the opportunity for more friends than I know what to do with, she makes me laugh when i'm stressed, and has taught me to cry with those who cry. She has never told me what love means... she has walked it out every day in EVERY relationship God has brought her way!

So.. all this say, RACHELLE... I know God gets all the Glory for you, but NEVER believe your labor is in vain! You are an extraordinary example of a Godly woman who is faithful in the small ways! And the impact is IMEASURABLE. I never write these kinds of things (well really nothin on the blog =).. so know that I am not blowing smoke =)

IIIIIIII LLLLLOOOOOVVVVVVEEE YA RACHELLE! =).. and yes I will be planning a trip to come visit the KC